Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Save $26.00 on Fillderma Nano

Our most innovative wrinkle filler, now at a more affordable price!

Fillderma nano is a two-step system that fills wrinkles immediately as well as providing a sustainable medium-term fill by reducing the depth of the wrinkles from the inside. Prevention and treatment... of aging skin. Immediately fills fine and deep wrinkles, moisturizes and softens the skin, regenerates and restructures the dermal matrix, reaffirms and gives more elasticity to your skin.

Due to the nanotechnology incorporated into the system, Fillderma Nano can be applied faster, acts more quickly, lasts longer, is more effective and has a deeper fill! The nanosomes (nano-sized liposomes) are tiny vesicles (50-200 nanometers) with a composition identical to the structural make up of the body's cells (phospholipids). This allows for the encapsulation and selective transport of active ingredients without the risk of oxidization or degradation.

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  1. There are numerous anti aging creams and treatments out there which helps to minimize the signs of aging. But this product is amazing in the sense as it fills the wrinkles at once.