Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stretch Mark Info and tips

Stretch marks are lesions that usually manifest during a hormonal period: puberty and pregnancy. Under the hormonal effect, fibroblasts, the cells that are responsible for the architecture of our skin (made of collagen fibers and elastin), suffer from an imbalance that leads to the thinning (atrophy) and a breakdown of the collagen fibers and elastin. As a result, the skin becomes thinner and small parallel lines appear (striae). They initially can be pale pink, pink or purple and turn white with time.

During puberty stretch marks occur on the legs and hips, and during pregnancy on the abdomen, buttoc
ks and breasts. During pregnancy, stretch marks may show up from the third month, however during the third trimester (6-9 months), is when the skin is most vulnerable. Stretch marks may also appear after pregnancy. It is therefore essential to make preventative treatment from the third month of pregnancy until the next pregnancy. Also, sudden changes in weight and violent physical exercises have a predisposition to aid in the development of stretch marks. In these cases, the skin has stretched so excessive that fibers are ruptured leading to stretch marks.

Distension of the skin is an aggravating factor, but not the only cause of the manifestation of stretch marks. Some diseases such as Cushing's syndrome can cause stretch marks without any skin tension.


Stretch marks don’t heal by themselves and need treatment. Untreated stretch marks will evolve into scars.

The results of the treatment depend on two factors:

The age of the stretch mark.

The tone of the stretch mark:

If the mark is pink this is a sign that there still is vascularisation. White colored stretch marks are less likely to disappear.

There are three phases of treatment:

Preventative phase

With a prospective pregnancy or increased size it is advisable to undergo preventive treatment, with the purpose of maintaining or even increasing the skins elasticity.

Vascular phase

In this phase it is advisable to apply products to encourage production of glycosaminoglycans, collagen and elastin, activating tissue regeneration and providing active ingredients which repair and replace altered structures by improving tissue oxygenation and hydration.

Scaring phase

When it comes to stretch marks that have already formed scar tissue, vascularising action based on oxygenating and hydrating essential oils and bioactive substances that stimulate the regeneration process are necessary. The possibility of rebuilding the fibrous connective tissue using only cosmetic treatment is difficult, and should be assisted by medical treatments and apparatus to simultaneously in order to improve treatment results.

Sesderma has many products that can aid in the treatment of stretch marks

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Rose hip oil enhances the natural cutaneous defensive mechanism, stimulating skin regeneration.

Face and body exfoliation.

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