Monday, January 18, 2010

January Skin Care Specials from Sesderma!

During the month of January, Sesderma has 3 wonderfull new skin care packs, offering great savings on the finest skin treatments. All of these packs contain products specially selected for combined treatment, and include a free white travel bag. Free shipping is available on all orders, so act now while supplies last!

Hidraloe Pack
All the hydration your skin needs! Includes Hidraloe Bath Gel, Hidraole Shampoo (400ml), Hidraloe Body Milk (500ml), Hidraloe Moisturizing Facial Cream, and a free white travel bag.

Atopises Dry Skin Pack
Treat, protect and alleviate dry and atopic skin conditions. Includes Atopises Bath Gel, Atopises Body Milk (500ml), Atopises Hydrating Bath Oil System, and a free white travel bag.

BtSeS Anti Aging Pack!
Treat expression lines, relax facial muscles, and prevent aging skin. Includes BtSeS Moisturizing facial cream gel, Mandelac Scrub, C-vit and Acglicolic peel, and a free White travel Bag!


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