Friday, October 7, 2011

Home Care Treatment Packs

We have just got done putting together many skin care treatment packs for home use. These packs offer a savings of up to $72, and allow for improved results by combining complementary products, particularly chosen by our sales team to help with specific skin problems and pathologies.


We have 37 specific skin home care treatment packs in total, and have organized them into 7 categories for your convenience: Cleansing Treatments, Day / night Treatment Packs, Eye Contour Treatments, Bath Body Treatments, Hair / Hair Removal Treatments, Body Care Treatments, and Hand Care Treatments.

Take a look at one of the examples of a  pack we have put together below

Description: Day/night treatment pack pack containing: -C-vit Revitalizing Facial Lotion, -Snailas Serum and -Oxyses Mist
Product Code: P0027

Price: $ 130.00
Save: $25.00
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These packs are also available to professionals, and if you are a professional we also offer specific professional treatment packs.  If you would like to learn more information on our professional treatment packs, follow the link below.

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