Friday, November 4, 2011

Sescouleur, our new intelligent treatment make-up line has arrived to the USA!!!

Finaly your makeup can do more than just make you look good.  It can also protect and treat your skin! SESDERMA LABORATORIES is now offering new make-up bases adapted to your skin type and tone, which protect and treat in an intelligent way.  There are three different types, each coming in two different tones and made with a specific treatment in mind, and protective factors. 

For oily and acne prone skin we have the ACNISES YOUNG make-up.
For sensitive or dull skins with blemishes try our C-VIT makeup.
Finally for mature, flaccid (saggy) and wrinkled skins: DAESES makeup.

Fluid make-up SPF 5

 • Oil-free make-up, with a fresh and silky touch.
• Glides on smoothly for easy application.
• Evens out the appearance of the skin, leaving no thick layers for an impeccable glossy finish that lasts.
• Maintains a natural moisture balance in the skin
providing great comfort all day long. 
Active ingredients:
• Pigments coated with amino acids: ensure maximum
stability of the color.
•Filmogenic agents: provide fixation and durability.
• Vitamin E: antioxidant.
• Plant squalene: moisturizes the skin without leaving
it greasy.
• SPF5: solar protection.

Revitalizing make-up SPF 15

• Very light and creamy make-up that provides energy for your skin to revitalize its appearance in a completely natural way.
• Its formulation rich in antioxidant actives and protective factors act repairing and protecting the
skin against UVA and UVB radiations and the harmful action of free radicals.
• Evens the tone of the skin providing a radiant, fresh, and luminous appearance all day long.
Active ingredients:
•Exsy-Algine®: natural dipeptide produced by a red algae in the Arctic area that has energizing and protective effects against cutaneous stress.
•Hyaluronic acid: potent moisturizer.          
• Caviar: helps prevent skin aging and enables the skin to regain some of its original elasticity.
• Vitamin E: antioxidant.
• SPF 15: solar protection.
Anti-aging make-up SPF 15

 • Creamy make-up with moisturizing and comfortable texture that covers imperfections and evens the skin tone in a completely natural way.
• Preventive and repairing cocktail that protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.
• Immediately gives a glowing finish: Smoother, more elastic and a more unified skin tone.
Active ingredients:
• Alistin®: anti-oxidant and anti-free radical action. Prevents the deterioration of the DNA and of essential proteins in the cellular matrix.
• Rice germ and jojoba oils: nourishing action.
• Caviar: rich in actives that help prevent skin aging and enable the skin to regain some of its original elasticity and firmness.
• Exsy-Algine®: anti-wrinkle action (stimulates the synthesis of collagen).
Natural dipeptide produced by a red algae in the Arctic area that has energizing and protective effects against cutaneous stress.
• Hyaluronic acid: reduces the depth of the wrinkles and deeply moisturizes the skin.  
• SPF 15: solar protection.

Results can be enhanced by previously applying another treatment from Sesderma Laboratorios(Acnises Young, C-Vit, or Daeses line of products).
Advice: for a natural finish apply the make-up with your fingertips; for a professional look and coverage use a sponge or brush.
More information on all of these products can be found at:


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