Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Most Recent Scientific Advancement: NanoDermatology as an active ingredient transporter.

Advanced technology allowing products to achieve the highest possible performance, enabling skin care professionals to achieve superior results while treating a broad range of skin conditions: acne, hyper pigmentation, post inflammatory, vitiligo, psoriasis, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, skin regeneration, stretch marks, scars, anti-aging (wrinkles, flaccidity, dark circles, eye bags, and telangiectasias), photo aging, body treatments, etc.

Nanotechnology The concept is very simple. Nanotechnology has been in the news for quite sometime now and it is one of the most innovative technologies for treating different complications related to the skin, body and hair. It is undoubtedly a medical technology however, it combines science, physics, chemistry, biology and engineering. Nanometer-sized particles are very tiny and can only be seen using powerful microscopes. These microscopic granules can penetrate into deeper layers of the skin, penetrating all the way though epidermis, producing astonishing results. Take into consideration that the external nanosome layer is the same as that of human cell membranes; therefore they are absorbed quickly by penetrating the epidermis and start functioning immediately unlike any other skin care products which can only arrive to the skins surface.

Nanotechnology is enriching the benefits of our skin, body, and hair care products and has taken our company to a whole new level. Nano skin-care technology is an advanced technology and can ensure greater benefits for our users. It not only is responsible for the improvement of different skin, body, hair care and cosmetic products, but is also one of the most sought-after technologies being used in the manufacture of all Dermo-cosmetic products.

Our nano skin care technology involves the inclusion of nano particles whose size in contrast to the thickness of human hair is 80,000 times smaller, therefore products can penetrate deeper into the skin without our immune system rejecting them, producing beneficial results.

Aside from being used as an innovative active ingredient transporter for skin and body care, the application of Nanotechnology in our dermo-cosmetics products is also an excellent solution which provides incomparable results because even empty nanosomes (those without active ingredients encapsuladed within them) have an amazing ability to heal, nourish, moisturize and protect the skin.

Within the range of nanosome products for professional use, we would like to highlight the Ferulac professional and homecare line, a peeling system to treat and prevent the symptoms of photo aging (wrinkles, flaccidity, a non-uniform skin color, sun/age spots…), dry and rough skins, give an immediate lifting effect, a clear youthful looking skin, and immediately visible results in the cheekbone and eye contour areas, making this one of the most valuble and benificial products to our clients.

Nanosomes with encapsulated active ingredients are fit for any skin and photo type including dark and sensitive skins, are suitable at any time of year, and even improve acne prone skins. It also can be improved, depending on the pathology, by combining it with our mist system.

The peeling system is made with ferulic, phloretin, fruit acids and retinoids. The main ingredient in the product line is ferulic acid, an active ingredient abundantly present in the walls of plant cells (rice, wheat, oats, soy). Its properties underline a powerful antioxidant activity, not only capable of capturing free radicals which cause cellular damage, but also strengthening the effectiveness of other natural antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E, maintaining the cellular DNA. As a photo protector it diminishes UVB and UVA rays minimizing solar damage.

As an anti-inflammatory, it reduces the area of edema and as a depigmentant, it diminishes the tyrosine enzyme activity, responsible for the production of melanin within the melanocyte, which is where the cell produces melanin.

Phloretin, another active ingredient in the Ferulac Product line, acts synergistically with ferulic acid, empowering its antioxidant activity, in addition to facilitating the penetration of the other active ingredients. Also it inhibits elastase activity, the protein responsible for the degradation of the elastin fibers in the dermal matrix.

Fruit acids (malic, citric and lactic acid) enhance the exfoliating properties of the treatment, retinoids act on the deepest layers of the skin stimulating, repairing and protecting the collagen, and clarifying spots to regulate melanocyte activity.

The peel may be applied weekly, and in a few sessions the texture and roughness of the skin begins to improve. It becomes lighter in color, and shows a spectacular lifting effect.

Sun spots in the chest area

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