Friday, March 30, 2012

Sesderma USA renews its immage

Improvements in the graphical interface, navigation, and programming of the site

In the process of renewing Sesderma’s branding, the website plays a very important role. Soon we plan to roll out an entirely new website,  but until that happens we have given our currentt US web site a makeover.

Some work made was to make better use of space on the site, and compact important information in order to facilitate navigation.

The navigation menus have been completely re-designed and duplicate menus have been eliminated to in order to make navigation less confusing, and more direct with a uniform style.

The variety of colors was reduced, and the cooperate grey color is now the predominant color on the site.

The image and style have been changed. The banner images are cleaner and more subtle, in line with the new company image.

The text font and color has also changed and font sizes have been adjusted. This change provides a more modern style to the Web, and incorporates the our new logos.

Check out the before and after images  below, and by visiting


Hope you like it


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