Friday, April 27, 2012

Cellulite, Summer's Enemy.

Cellulite is one of the skin conditions that cause the most aesthetic worry. It is recognized by a number of very distinctive dimples which are usually around the thighs, buttocks and other body area with large areas of fat near the skin.

Although usually affects more women than men, men also can suffer from this problem. One of the biggest incorrect myths regarding cellulite is its association with being overweight.  Losing weight will not to wipe out cellulite. The tendency to develop cellulite has more to do with the hereditary factors.

To understand better ... With obesity, the skin is smooth, adipocytes increase in size, their distribution is widespread and dietary treatment works. In contrast, with cellulite, the skin is rough, bumpy and has an "orange peel" aspect, it is more common in women, there is an alteration of adipocytes, the distribution is localized and dietary management alone is not a solution.
Cellulite triggers
- Hormonal: influence on the blood flow and the synthesis of lipids (puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, birth control, etc).
- Vasculares: Fragilidad capilar, pérdida de elasticidad, endurecimiento de los vasos, varices, microtraumatismos (hematomas).
- Vascular: capillary fragility, loss of elasticity, hardening of the vessels, varicose veins, microtraumas (hematoma).
- Genetics: gynoid constitution. Higher in Latin women than Scandinavian women.
- Food: overeating (lipogenesis), excess salt (fluid retention), poor water and fluid intake, a deficient consumption of vegetables and an unbalanced and / or poor diet.
- Lifestyle: inactivity, lack of exercise, poor posture, tight clothing, excessive heat, inadequate footwear and smoking.
Why does cellulite form?
Underlying skin support walls known as fibrous septae, do not maintain the skin connected in a uniform manner. This causes an irregular appearance, with the habitual dimples.
We can recognize several basic types of cellulite:
• Increases water retention.
• Increase in volume and size.
 • Less uniform and smooth appearance of the skin.
 • Accumulation of lipids and water.
 • Degeneration of the connective tissue.
 • Pain.
 • Associated with circulatory problems.

To fight it is essential to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. An effective cosmetic treatment for cellulite should act on these levels:
- Circulatory (draining and toning).
- Connective Tissue (restructuring).
- Adipose tissue (lipolytic).
Nanotechnology is the most innovative solution to combat cellulite. Liposomes have a higher active ingredient penetration power, eliminate fats, reduce the volume and reinforce the internal structure of the skin.
Caffeine, for example, stimulates lipolysis in adipocytes, stimulates the breakdown of the triglycerides of adipocytes and reduces the volume of adipocytes.
Carnitine reduces the high level of triglycerides and cholesterol. Its deficiency prevents fats from being transported to places where energy is burned. It promotes the degradation of triglycerides in adipose tissue.
In summary, any product that seeks to eliminate cellulite should include the following:
1èLIPOLYTIC ACTION: favour the elimination of localized fat in skin tissues. Reduce the formation of new fat.
2èVENOTONIC ACTION: Activate microcirculation in the affected area, favour the removal of accumulated fluids and reduce volume.
3èFIRMING – RESTRUCTURING ACTION: Strengthen the internal structure of the tissue, provide a firm, smooth aspect, and eliminating the “orange peel” appearance.

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